Year 5 have been so busy with their new topic all about the Vikings. They have been learning about sagas and how these stories told of heroes and villains; voyages and returns. The thing is, is that sagas were often incredibly long. So Year 5 had to create their own versions- mini sagas. They had to write a complete Viking saga using no more than 100 words. Using the iPads to research existing Norse myths, they created their own story maps using uploaded images. They ordered these and then created plot captions To go with them. After drafting and editing, they used special writing grids to ensure the finished stories were all less than the 100 words. Using Book Creator, every child created their own special page a Viking mini-saga collection. They air dropped these to one central iPad and they were all compiled into one book. Finally it  was  published in iBooks. It looks fantastic too! 

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