Western University

As part of our commitment to ensuring a broad, balanced, rich curriculum, we have a programme of study on a weekly basis which is intended to raise children’s aspirations.

Each half term, children from reception to Year 6 choose a module of study from a prospectus. Courses include things like:

  • Art of STEM
  • Extraordinary Engineering
  • Magical Patterns
  • Planet Hoppers
  • Mad Science
  • Mathemagicians
  • The Power of Flight
  • The Science of Plants
  • Amazing Architecture
  • Puzzle-busters
  • Lines of Imagination
  • Relax Kids

Courses change on a regular basis. Children attend their Western University module on Friday afternoon between 1.30pm and 2.15pm. Groups are mixed age and mixed ability and encourage children to move out of their comfort zone and work with children other than their usual classmates. Each term, children “graduate” at a ceremony with parents and families and receive a certificate of graduation.