School meals have undergone big changes over the last few years and here in North Tyneside we strive to devise healthy, well-balanced menus that pupils will enjoy.

All meals are freshly prepared in school every morning and meet the rigorous school food guidelines set out by the Government.

For just £2.60 per day, less than the price of your typical take-away coffee, your child can enjoy a choice of freshly cooked main courses accompanied by fresh salad or vegetables, bread and a tasty pudding.

Our school meals are designed to give your child exactly the right kind of foods to keep them going until teatime, including lots of energy-giving carbohydrates and at least two of their five a day fruit and vegetables.

The link below shows the school lunch menu on a three week cycle. Please note for the first week of a new term the menu may change. We always restart on Week 1 following a school holiday.

Food allergies & medically prescribed diets

  • Your child's required diet needn't prevent them from enjoying a healthy and tasty school lunch with their friends.


  • can provide tailored school lunches for children with particular dietary requirements or medically prescribed diets
  • currently produce over 300 special diets each day
  • work closely with dietitians and parents to meet children's specific needs, including gluten, milk, egg and legume free meals


Free School Meals

For children in Years 3 – 6, parents who believe they may be eligible for free school meals should apply online by clicking here or by calling 0191 643 2288 (option 2). The government uses the numbers of children eligible for free school meals to calculate our funding levels therefore, even if children do not intend to stay for a school meal, we would ask that you apply and are registered as eligible for free school meals.

Packed Lunch

Children may wish to stay for packed lunch. Please make sure that their lunch box is clearly labelled (full name and current class). Children will be provided with a drink of water, but they may bring their own drink (not fizzy). For safety reasons we ask that children do not bring cans, glass bottles or flasks with glass. Sweets, bubble gum and chocolate bars are not allowed at lunchtime as we encourage children to eat healthily. If your child has these items in their packed lunch, they will be removed and returned to you at the end of the school day.