Our Staff

Our Western Family

Senior Leadership

Head TeacherMiss K Hill(DpDSL)
Head of SchoolMiss S Dixon(DSL)
Acting Deputy Head / KS1 Phase Leader Mrs M Duigan(DpDSL)
Senior Leader for Early Years Mrs D Larty(DpDSL)
Senior Leader for Inclusion (SENCo) Mrs A Common (western.office@ntlp.org.uk)(DpDSL)
Accelerated Progress Leader / LKS2 Phase LeaderMs A Whillis
Upper KS2 Phase LeaderMr A Temperley

Teaching Staff

Mrs V RowsonNursery (AM and PM)
Mrs D LartyRDL
Miss M LennoxRML
Mrs C Hockey1CH
Mrs M Duigan/Mrs L Paramore1DP
Miss L Armstrong2LA
Mrs F Howe2FH
Miss A Whittam3AW
Ms A Whillis3ASW
Mr S Phillips4SP
Mr B Middis4BM
Mr M Beresford5MB
Miss H Eason5HE
Mr A Temperley6AT
Miss S Thompson6ST
Ms R McCarey
Mr J Craven
Mrs V Taylor

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K LisleHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L BucknallHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss C WilsonHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Watts
Miss T Thompson
Mrs S Thompson
Mrs J Hogg
Mrs A Berrie

Care, Guidance and Support

Care, Guidance and Support LeaderMiss A Fox(DpDSL)
Senior Leader for Inclusion (SENCo)Mrs A Common(DpDSL)
Learning MentorMrs G Robson (DpDSL)

School Office

School Business ManagerMrs A Hodgetts
School AdministratorMr C Southern
Administrative AssistantMs W Head

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs K ShippenSenior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Deighton
Mrs K Telford
Ms S Carty
Mrs K Ward
Mrs G Stonebridge
Miss H Carty