Nursery Transition

Dear Parents/Carers


I am delighted to warmly welcome you and your child to Western Community Primary School. Although we are living through uncertain times right now, we are all very excited to begin an amazing year with your child in nursery. At Western, we know the transition process is very important to minimise stress for the whole family; we want you to spend the summer looking forward to your child starting their nursery adventure. Although we are not yet in a position to share what our transition process will look like in this unusual year, please rest assured that we will be doing all that we can to make your child’s first few weeks at nursery memorable for all of the right reasons.

We would like to remind all parents and carers that you are doing a fantastic job during this period of ‘lockdown’ and although your child might not be accessing their usual activities, no child will be disadvantaged by this when starting nursery at Western. Each child is a precious individual who will be nurtured, treasured and taught from their own starting point. All we ask is that you continue to enjoy happy family time to ensure your children feel safe and loved. This will put them in a great place in which to begin their learning.

In the meantime, please could you complete the "New Starter Admission Form" as well as "GDPR Consent Form" by clicking the links below. This will help us to contact you if necessary and get you set up on our school systems. If it becomes possible to arrange a meeting for families before the end of the year, we will let you know as I’m sure you will have many questions to ask and will be keen to meet your child’s new teacher and have a look around our environment. Before this time you are more than welcome to contact the school office on 0191 263 0202 or by email at The office team will direct any questions you have to myself or other relevant staff who will be able to help you.

We are all so pleased that you are joining our Western family and look forward to welcoming you in person as soon as we can.

Thank you for your support.

Katherine Hill