At Western, we recognise that the development of strong literacy skills will have a lasting impact on the lives of our children now, in their journey into adulthood and as wider members of their communities.

In recognition of this we have based our whole school curriculum around the ‘Seven Story Plots’. This ensures that literacy is at the heart of our curriculum, children’s learning and our teaching.

Through their teaching, staff at Western support children to develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively with the world at large. A love of reading is embedded within our school and we strive to help children to enjoy, access and appreciate a wide range of high-quality literature.

To help us to enrich our Literacy curriculum further, we have worked closely with the National Centre for Children’s Books (Seven Stories, Ouseburn). With their support, we ensure both the texts we use as the spine of our Literacy curriculum and the ones we choose as class readers are ambitious, engaging, diverse and promote a lifelong love of reading. We have revamped our library area into a space where children can make choices based on their own interests and spend time enjoying the books they read.

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