To allow our children to appreciate their own History and that of the wider World whilst developing their curiosity and providing them with historical enquiry skills which will equip them to understand and gain personal fulfilment from its study.

The study of history should be enjoyable and challenging. Our practice should develop children’s natural curiosity with their own past, into a general interest with the past. The study, ideally, will be an inspiring investigation in which the children develop their own skills and abilities which will allow them to research independently. To this end we need to develop their skills in questioning as well as their ability to research. Creative planning will allow them to access materials and situations which will lead to this goal, plus the development of greater independence will also lead to a growth of confidence in their ability to understand all aspects of history.  The study of history will, where possible, take place in linked topics; often linked to the locality. As a result, the children will make good or better progress reaching their own potential, as well as national expectations. History will be a hunt where the children become detectives and actively search for information about the past and appreciate it.