In Western University the children from Years 3 to 6 have been working very hard at extending their creativity through computer art. Using the software 2 Simple they have designed their own images as well as using images from other artists and recreating them.

Hesam: The one thing I really enjoyed was learning new things on the computer, I love that I can now do fun drawings and every Friday was great. I have enjoyed all the different types of drawings that there was.




Jim: In computer art we have been using a variety of different tools from 2 Simple to create different styles and types of art based on real artists and artwork.






Tom: I have really enjoyed using my creativity to explore the different ways that I can create an image that I have been given.







Penny: I really like being creative and enjoy drawing. I liked using all the different tools to make pictures.






Finley: I think my Western University group is amazing. I really enjoyed creating my image of the poppies.