Year Six pupils were interviewed by Harriet our roving Western reporter.

In literacy lessons pupils have had to grapple with the creative challenges of managing the Animal Park. 

Here’s what she found out ………….


Tell me a little bit about what you have been doing?

Faye I had to try and make a description of an enclosure that would please the animals.

For example, the name is Monkey Mansion and it has toys and trees to play in.

Jim We had to write a letter to the animals to help stop the

fighting over the fact that new animals might be coming. For example …….’It isn’t as bad as you think’.


We have been looking at how to describe different lands (I chose Snow Land). You had to describe it with five senses. For example, it smells salty, I can hear ice crashing into a million pieces.



Favourite activity for Faye.

My Favourite activity was the warm up description because i was able to use a variety pf powerful adjectives to enhance my writing.

Favourite activity for Jim

My Favourite activity was the Animal Fact File because it allowed me to use my research to create a character profile for an animal of my choice

Favourite activity for Autumn

My Favourite activity was improving my animal letter, this showed me how to uplevel my writing using prior knowledge and feedback from my peers.